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Feeding the Chickens

About Us

We began White Nova Farms in 2022 to share our passion for backyard poultry, gardening, and homesteading. We believe that incorporating these ideas into your lifestyle not only can save you money, reduce environmental impact, and provide food stability during uncertain times, but it can also bring joy to your life! We look forward to sharing our successes and failures, and connecting with others who share our passion or are just starting their journey.

Corn Field Barn

The Beginning

Our journey began in 2017 in Colorado with 2 ducks and 2 small raised garden beds. After a brief stint in Utah, we decided to strategically relocate to Northeast Georgia, where we have grown to have 12 ducks, a goose, and chickens. Along with a large garden and hydroponic system to grow food for us, we also are able to supplement our animals diets with the extra food we grow.

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